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Expert gives her top tips for finding work

Personal consultant Katherine Ashton explains her top tips for helping people get back on the payroll.

What are your top tips for helping someone find work?

  • Understand that everyone is different. It’s important to get to know them.
  • Have good links with employers in the area, particularly those who are open to recruiting people who may have barriers to work.
  • Spend quality time with people to get them work-ready, supporting them to upskill.

What interview question should everyone prepare for?

  • Why do you want this job?

Do CVs still matter?

  • It’s good to have one but many employers we work with aren’t looking for a CV. They’re often more interested in customers being able to pass basic assessments.
What sectors are hiring at the moment?

  • Warehousing, hospitality, cleaning and administration.

What attributes do employers look for in candidates?

  • The main things they are looking for are that they are reliable, smart (we give our customers funding for interview clothes if they don’t have any), trustworthy, can work on their own or in a team and follow instructions. Also, that they have initiative and approachable.

How can someone really impress a prospective employer?

  • Good communication skills are very important and can help build rapport. Candidates should also have enthusiasm around the role they are applying for.

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